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Drops on Monday. Be sure to check it out.

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Leadership Special

On May 11, our main feature will be the Leadership Special, an article profiling industry professionals who are showing outstanding examples of leadership. This can be within their agency/company, as an industry thought leader, or even beyond the PR industry. If you have someone you’d like to suggest, please send an e-mail to .


Tonight is the night for our 10th edition of the PRWeek Awards. If you will be with us, or you just want to follow along - the hashtag for tonight will be #PRWeekAwards - you can already read about people gearing up for the night .

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Thought leadership, please

We have finally run through most of our op-ed queue, and are looking for new thought leadership pieces. If you had previously sent one that did not run (and it is evergreen), send again. If you have had an idea banging around in the back of your head, send it on.

2009 Agency Business Report

PRWeek is now accepting agency financial information for its 2009 Agency Business Report, including rankings. The rankings will appear in the April 27 issue of PRWeek. All agencies are encouraged to submit information. This year’s process has been moved entirely online. Submissions must be received by February 27, 2009 at 6 pm EST. To submit your information, click here.

It’s (almost) that time of year again

We’re getting ready for our Agency Business Report 2009, which will publish in the April 27 issue. This year, we’re bringing the process completely online. Look for announcements on our Web site, magazine, and blogs in the next week or so on how to submit your agency’s rankings form.

Public affairs reporter

Jaimy Lee, our New York-based healthcare reporter, will now be covering the public affairs beat. As is clearly the case these days, those two topics are often intertwined. She will cover both industries. She can be reached at jaimy dot lee

Editorial calendar for 2009

We’ve posted PRWeek’s editorial calendar for 2009. Please keep in mind that unlike PRWeek’s news content, features- the topics for which are found on the ed cal- are planned at least two months in advance. So please think of PRWeek’s features section as a long-lead magazine.

Also, as regular readers of the magazine know already, nearly all of PRWeek’s features are based on some type of client case study. It was a major refocus for the magazine when we redesigned in January 2006, so please, if you are going to pitch for an upcoming feature, make it a detailed pitch. Simply writing, “I noticed you have a consumer feature and would like to suggest my agency, XYZ PR as a source,” is not helpful and will not get a response. Instead, include a short description of some the trends you’re noticing in a particular sector, and include some of the work you’re doing on behalf of clients, but only ones that are willing to share their story with PRWeek. Please e-mail  with any questions.

The only exception to the long-lead and client case study rule is the agency business section, which is assigned about three weeks ahead of the publish date and focuses exclusively on issues happening within PR firms. To pitch that section, please e-mail .

You can download the 2009 editorial calendar here.


Salzman to moderate Future of Content panel

The Future of Content panel is moderated by Porter Novelli’s Marian Salzman, during PRWeek’s The Next Conference, November 19th in New York.

Mercy Corps and Wal-Mart to talk Guatemala

Mercy Corps and Wal-Mart talk about their partnership in Guatemala at PRWeek’s event on November 19th in New York.

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