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Thought leadership, please

We have finally run through most of our op-ed queue, and are looking for new thought leadership pieces. If you had previously sent one that did not run (and it is evergreen), send again. If you have had an idea banging around in the back of your head, send it on.

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  1. Donna Vincent Roa, PhD, ABC on January 28th, 2009

    One thing that has always perplexed me: Employers who believe that industry experience is more important than communication experience. Recently, I interviewed for a job where the entire communication staff had hospital experience, but very little communication experience or strategic vision. Their entire communication portfolio was in shambles and their budget was out of alignment. Because they had this requirement and not able to find someone with senior level experience and hospital experience, the position has been vacant over a year. When will employers get it. PR and communication professionals can work for Rolls Royce, a hospital, a non-profit, or the White House. The discipline prepares us to focus and deal with any issue and any subject matter. Talk to accredited PR and communication professionals. They will tell you that while a given person may have a preference and a work history in non-profits, for example, they have the capability to work in other types of organizations. I have worked in quality assurance, the environment, public health, economics, water and sanitation, sustainable land management, media research, restaurant marketing, and child survival. Disparate topics, but all required strategic communications. In my opinion, subject matter is secondary for the experience strategist. Enlightened companies and hiring managers realize this. Sadly, many are not enlightened.

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